A St. Olaf student group that builds things together

Northfield, MN

Our Projects

GitHub repositories that we've built.

Website for StoDevX
HTML 0 0
The St. Olaf community, now in pocket size.
JavaScript 35 13
An archive of the SGA weekly movies
Python 1 0
The course data for St. Olaf College
Homework specs for CS251, Software Design
A set of tools to help graders for CS251, Software Design
Python 6 1
[...] part of a new feedback system for CS courses at St. Olaf
Python 0 1
Homework specs for CS241, Hardware Design
The course catalog information for St. Olaf College
HTML 1 0
Übersicht widgets for St. Olaf helpdesk stuff
Python 1 1
Tooling to maintain our copy of the course data for St. Olaf College
Python 2 0
Homework specs for CS273, Operating Systems
Course Specs for cs-253 for use with the cs251tk (
A web-based 4D Geometry viewer
JavaScript 33 5
A WIP playground for visualizing course data.
HTML 0 0
Data collected from the 7 second survey series
HTML 2 0
The St. Olaf dictionary definitions.
HTML 2 0
A parser for St. Olaf SIS timestrings
JavaScript 0 0
Juypter based teaching materials for parallel programming in a variety of languages. Setup anywhere, teach everyone.
Shell 0 0
An older copy of the campus map
JavaScript 0 1
St. Olaf College's student-run radio station
Objective-C 0 0
a new age web port of the cs251-toolkit
Descriptions of APIs for St. Olaf-related information
An Übersicht widget to monitor time for Prof. Olaf's CS Capstone course
CoffeeScript 0 0
A static webpage to invite new members to our Slack
HTML 0 0
Find the shortest path around campus
A "hours/week" calculator for St. Olaf's Time Entry System (TES)
Python 1 0
a parser for the bon-app Caf entry data
JavaScript 0 0
[deprecated] The St. Olaf community, now in pocket size.
Objective-C 2 0
The Tiled Display that was "gracefully" perched in the AdLab
Shell 0 1
Scripts for fixing firefox locks, printing, timing algorithms, and checking your quota.
Shell 2 0
Scrapes PaperCut web data and displays results via D3 in the browser.
JavaScript 0 2
A repo for all the extensions on the St Olaf Creators Forum
JavaScript 0 0
A set of Übersicht widgets for the St. Olaf CS dept. that show which machines are up.
CoffeeScript 1 0
The as88 (8088 Assembly compiler), aquired from